3 burning questions for the LEC ahead of the 2021 Spring Split playoffs

The lead-up to the LEC playoffs has been nothing short of chaotic. The 2021 Spring Split has seen some of the region’s closest competition to date and it wasn’t until the final day of the Spring Split that Europe’s playoff competitors were locked in. A region famous for its rookies, Europe’s young talent definitely didn’t disappoint this year. Over the next few weeks, five rookies make their playoff debuts. This year, we’ve seen the rise of a new challenger in Rogue and the slump of perennial

Odoamne talks about going from S04 to Rogue, his level of play in the 2021 LEC Spring Split

"I don't think that our losses against G2 have been due to the fact that they are better or that they outplayed us." Rogue were one of the best League of Legends teams in Europe last year—and this split is no different. But after making some roster changes during the past offseason, especially bringing in veteran top laner Odoamne, Rogue have shown that they’re even stronger now. They came in second place in the 2021 LEC Spring Split regular season and are also the biggest challenger that G2 h

The 10 biggest storylines heading into the 2021 LEC Spring Split

The wait is almost over. The start of the 2021 LEC Spring Split is less than one hour away. After an offseason full of historic changes, such as Rekkles moving to G2 and the departure of Perkz and other great LEC players like Alphari to the LCS, the LEC has some fresh rosters and narratives this year. As usual, there are a number of interesting storylines surrounding every team in the league. To create some more hype and liven up the wait before the season begins, here are 10 of our favorite s

Have the changes in League's 2021 preseason been good or bad for the game?

It’s been several weeks since the preseason began in League of Legends. Like every year, the preseason offers a major patch that involves a lot of changes for League. And this year, the update was focused on revolutionizing the items in the game and doing something completely different from what fans are used to seeing, giving players a large number of different builds for every champion. Many items that were previously in the game have been eliminated, redesigned, or simply had their category

Vodafone Giants derrota a Origen BCN en una final de Superliga Orange para el recuerdo

Y se acabó. La máxima competición nacional dice adiós hasta el año 2020, y que mejor forma de hacerlo de coronar al nuevo campeón de la Superliga Orange. Pese a la sensación general, que vaticinaba un contundente 3-0 para el equipo de Vodafone Giants, fue una serie increíblemente intensa, que llegó hasta el quinto mapa, para finalmente coronar al flamante nuevo campeón. Os repasamos todas las sorpresas y la acción de la serie. El equipo malagueño se pone por delante En la primera partida de la

La presentación de roster de SK Gaming no le hace ningún favor a la LEC

La LEC está al borde de comenzar su segundo split de este año 2020, y como viene siendo habitual, los clubes ya empiezan a presentar sus plantillas. Si bien es cierto que podríamos esperar unas piezas audiovisuales a la altura de la categoría de la que es la máxima competición europea, no siempre es así. Muchos clubes demuestran estar a la altura del nivel de la competición día tras día, aunque hay excepciones.